If you look online, there are a number of different places that tell you how to eliminate snakes, with a lot of different objects for sale that will assist you on that quest. One of the more popular items that some people today claim work, and maybe even more people claim do not do the job, would be snake repelling powders. These items can come in most natural type ingredients, so peppers, cinnamon, and things of that nature which have been ground up to create a powder, or a few comprise slightly dangerous chemicals like lime or sulfur. For that reason Raccoon Removal Melbourne FL¬†doesn’t recommend powders, just because you might not always know what’s in them and they may not even work.

Grass Snake, Snake, Head GameThat leads to one of the more unique methods to get rid of snakes, which is using digital waves by plugging in a specific device. This device makes sound waves or electronic waves which drive snakes crazy. In theory this may make sense because snakes to have some quite sensitive sensory organs they use for movement and feeding. Disturbing those organs may be a great way to eliminate snakes. My Only question would be, how do you prove that a device like this works, and can there be any proof at all it really does?

Call me old fashioned, but the way I always tell people to get rid of snakes is by altering the environment on your property. You can do this in a few easy steps, first ensure that your grass is mowed, and it doesn’t get very long. Second, be certain that all areas that have big weeds, including ditches, are trimmed and stay trimmed. And third, you need to remove all hiding spots that snakes love, such as garbage piles, burn piles, compost piles, tires, trash, firewood, and even certain bushes and shrubs. As soon as you remove them you do two things, you remove snakes shelter, and you start to get rid of their food supply.

By getting rid of the shelter for those things, in addition to eliminating mice and bugs from your lawn, you’re taking away the food source snakes depend on. Taking away the shelter and food source is the best way to eliminate an animal.

I do want to make sure people know to ensure you have the snakes identified before you try to move them. Make sure you call a professional if you have any suspicions, and be sure you remain safe.


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